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Canada's Top Cities For Cheaters

Updated: Jul 5

Today's Groan:

Someone cut down all the trees by the police station.

Authorities were left stumped.

Also today:

Ashley Madison have revealed the top cities in Canada for cheaters. The city at #1 wasn't even on the list a year ago. What's goin' on there? Have you ever been in trouble with CRA? Well CRA just found themselves in hot water!

There's a new hot dog eating champion! How many hot dogs did he devour in 10 minutes?

Police pull over UFO... Twice.

What Julia Roberts was saying to Travis Kelse as she ran her fingers over his chest.

Florida man robs a bank; asks only for a penny

Whatcha Watchin?

“Down in the Valley”Starz – New Docuseries

Synopsis: Takes viewers on a tantalizing tour of the Deep South, unveiling a complex South that is equal parts poignant, joyful, and magical.

“The Imaginary”Netflix – New Animated Film

Synopsis: Amanda and her imaginary friend Rudger go on thrilling make-believe adventures. But when Rudger finds himself alone, he faces a mysterious threat.

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